About us

SMC Design Limited is a modern engineering company, dedicated to providing high quality design, simulation and product development services for the engineering industry.

Keeping pace with ever changing and diverse demands of our customers has resulted in continual expansion and development of our design resources. Since our establishment in 1994 we have gained a wealth of experience across the general engineering sector through completing a wide range of projects that have varied considerably in scale and complexity. Our vast amount of experience, creativity and engineering talent allows clients to remain focused on their core business as we handle the design phase and process.

Proven commitment to customer satisfaction is exemplified by the particular importance placed on regular client liaison by highly qualified and dedicated personnel. This ensures projects are completed on time, within cost budgets and to a high-quality specification.

Through the use of modern electronic data transfer techniques, we can become and extension to your own offices at a touch of a button; an advantage proven on many global projects for clients throughout Europe and North America.