Factory Layouts

As part of our 3D design and robotic simulation services, we can take the virtual factory one step further and create a 3D plant layout.

Factory Design Suite and FactoryCad are 3D factory design software that helps you to design and visualise more efficient factory and facility layouts before equipment is installed. The Virtual Plant Layout as many advantages for our customers.

Analyse for clashes and space restraints

  • Perform an analysis before you install any equipment.
  • Minimise risks with clash detection tools.
  • Simulate the installation sequence of equipment.

Streamline factory layouts

  • Streamline manufacturing operations.
  • Improve manufacturing flexibility.
  • Analyse material flow and energy consumption.

Maximise production lines

  • Find the most efficient footprint possible.
  • Use modern workflows and point clouds.
  • Integrate point cloud workflows
  • Check Operator safety